SearchQuant customer letter

A young SearchQuant user wrote a letter to my three sons to help them understand what value their dad’s business has brought to others. This is why I love what I do!

This SearchQuant user wrote a letter to my three boys so that they could know what Dad does in the office.

This SearchQuant user wrote a letter to my three boys so that they could know what Dad does in the office.

SearchQuant ROI Anecdotes

Chris Zaharias here, founder of (SQ).
SearchQuant is me + one overseas developer FTE.
The phone number you call is my cell phone.
I’m on the other end of, and our LiveChat.

Since Inc. Magazine wrote about SQ in June, I’ve never worked harder or more joyfully in my life.

I LOVE SQ because I make a living while learning new things and helping people succeed. Here are a few success stories SQ users relayed to me this week:

A Midwest startup hopes to become the #1 marketing platform for the world’s #1 gaming video platform. Two days after their first SearchQuant campaign, Coca-Cola asked them for a proposal.

A regional sales manager at an IT equipment leasing firm closed two new deals and has four more proposals out from leads SearchQuant generated June 2 – July 7. He visited 14,420 profiles, of which 645 then visited his profile. Today he told me that even if his CEO doesn’t approve budget, he’ll expense SQ or eat the cost himself.
After several months unemployed, a young father of two in South America got a job with a great company despite knowing no one there prior. SQ visiting thousands of well-targeted hiring managers did that.


The founder of a social media marketing firm in the middle of nowhere says SearchQuant in several weeks made his struggling 5-person agency solidly profitable for the first time ever. He and his team kick social ass, at much lower cost than firms in NYC, SF, LA, BOS, etc. SQ put that message in front of buyers’ noses and they signed on the line that is dotted.  Can’t wait for the letter he’s mailing to my teenage boys so they can know how Dad’s sales hack is making a difference.
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.16.26 PM

There are so many more stories like this, but now I gotta get back to helping SQ customers!

LinkedIn was down ~7-7:45am PT today: restart your SQ app experienced availability issues 7-7:45am PST today that affected many users, primarily on the East Coast and in UK/Europe (see below outage map). They’ve fixed the issue, but when things like this happen, we increase the wait between the requests to make sure that we don’t visit one profile over and over or do the same search over and over again.

As soon as we have a successful LinkedIn page request, profile visiting goes back to normal.  You may still see your SearchQuant icon as red for another hour; if so we suggest quitting and then restarting your SearchQuant desktop software manually to get things running again more quickly.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.31.12 AM

Startup Scores Angel Funding Using SearchQuant

The founder of an AgTech startup (and SearchQuant user) called me yesterday to say that he’d just had a six-figure dollar amount wired to his startup’s bank account from an angel investor who first became aware of and interested in his disruptive fertilizer technology when he/SearchQuant visited the investor’s LinkedIn profile. This one investment was 40% of their total target raise.

This is the second or third time startup founders have successfully used SearchQuant to generate investor awareness and interest that results in funds raised.

Ten Before & After Graphs Of New SQ Users

Below are ten graphs of the immediate growth salespeople, recruiters, marketers and job seekers are seeing since starting to use in June. The graphs show daily outbound profile visiting volume (green line) and weekly inbound profile views (red line).

Exposure breeds Opportunity. SearchQuant and your well-targeted queries creates the Exposure, and when you have a good profile photo, tagline and Summary with prominently-displayed contact info, Opportunity comes to your doorstep in droves.

If you’re not yet seeing results like this, quickly improving your query targeting and/or your profile photo + tagline will get you there within days.

New Data: 25% Of View-Backs Are Anonymous

Have you ever wondered what percent of LinkedIn users visit your profile while in Anonymous mode, whereby they hide their identity so you can’t know that person visited your profile? Dozens of users have asked me, but even more surprisingly, after thoroughly searching the web, I was unable to find any published data – NONE.

To fix that, I looked at approximately 20,000 outbound profile views made over a 6-week period with SearchQuant and the resulting ~2,000 return profile views (RPVs), and as the below graph shows, it turns out that about 25% of return profile views (RPVs) are Anonymous ones.
% Anonymous 071016

Otherwise put, visiting lots of well-targeted profiles using SearchQuant brings ~1/3rd more return visitors than those whose names you can see. 

On vacation June 28 – July 5

I’ll be on vacation with my wife & kids from 8am PST Tuesday June 28 and until the evening of Tuesday July 5th. During that time my developer partners in Europe (Josef Cullhed & Ivan Hallberg) and two others here in California (Gerrit & Luca) will be available on LiveChat, via email, Skype and phone.

LiveChat: on
Skype: josefcullhed / ivanhallberg
Phone/Text: +46 70 488 59 28 (m)  / +46 73 710 54 63 (m) /

We’ll do our best to be available and to respond as fast as you’ve come to expect, but some issues may take a bit longer to deal with during this time.  I’ll be back working the morning of Wednesday July 6th.

Chris Zaharias, founder

Campaign View-Back Rate (VBR) Is Back

As you probably noticed, we disabled campaign View-Back Rate (VBR) this past week in order to do some back-end optimization work. It’s now live again and running faster than before. We calculate VBR based on return profile views (RPVs) that occur up to 7 days after the outbound visit, and don’t count Anonymous or Semi-Anonymous RPVs, which are ~1/3 of total.

As I wrote back in February, analyzing campaign VBR will guide you to a 2-5X increase your SearchQuant ROI, so please take advantage of the better, faster campaign VBR you now have.

SQ VBR Campaign Variance


Things Most New SQ Users Are Doing Wrong

Since Inc Magazine wrote about SearchQuant June 2nd, the number of SQ users has grown 75%. My life in that week has been a non-stop stream of helping people – few of whom have read any of the Help Center and SearchQuant Blog content we’ve provided – get to success with ROI. Almost every time I look at a user’s campaigns in SearchQuant and then at their LinkedIn profile photo, tagline and Summary, I see, on average, 5-10X ROI improvement opportunities there for the taking by fixing many/most of the following: 

– most visiting is to 3rd+ and not enough 2nd/Group = 50% lower VBR
– no Premium subscription, or the wrong one
– too few parameters (poor targeting)
– no geo specified (poor targeting)
– Title & Keyword use is poorly/horrifically done (poor targeting)
– build campaigns by hand (they don’t use Query Slicer) = 50% lower than full volume

– Bad photo, tagline and/or profile, but usually 2 or all 3 are bad
– Anonymous
– Poor inbound lead volume from not including email / phone / calendar info in their Summaries

Avoid all the above mistakes, devour our Help Center and SearchQuant Blog content,  and you’ll get huge ROI from SearchQuant!

-Chris Zaharias, Founder